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Our Services

Our Services

MEP Design

Fixtures and designs should have a minimal impact on a space’s visual aesthetic, but a profound effect on its operational efficiency, resiliency, and climate impact. Our creativity and innovation is grounded in a 20-year MEP foundation.

Designing for Resilience, Sustainability, and Efficiency

Saccal Enterprises SAL’s integrated MEP teams design building systems that optimize every level of building impact, while maintaining the beauty and integrity of the architecture. Working in concert with our Sustainability consulting and Building Performance groups, our MEP team is pushing the envelope in sustainable, low-carbon, and resilient building design, meeting the triple bottom line of People/Planet/Profit.

Our services include:

- Central Plant Design

- HVAC systems

- Fire Protection

- Lighting Design

- Power Distribution

- Life-Safety

- Uninterruptible Power Supply

- Cogeneration

- Grey and Blackwater Recycling

- Building Ventilation