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Our Services

Fire Protection

Fire protection measures that will provide the opportunity to reduce fire damage with automatic and manual fire extinguishing systems are fundamental to every building project. Saccal Enterprises SAL offers comprehensive fire protection engineering services, designing these systems in direct relation to the occupancy and building type, defining the hazard classification, and determining system design criteria from NFPA standards and insurance carrier recommendations. Our engineers work diligently to provide cost-effective designs, accounting for both the initial installation as well as planning for ongoing inspection, testing, and maintenance activities to improve the overall client experience. Designs account for freeze protection through the use of dry pipe systems and for water-sensitive areas with preaction and clean agent extinguishing systems. Hazardous material storage is thoroughly analyzed to determine if there is a need for special protection, such as a foam or water mist system.

Facilities with a high sensitivity to water and heat may require installation of a clean agent extinguishing system that uses either a halocarbon or inert gas agent to protect the space. In areas requiring the earliest possible notification of an impending event or data centers with high air movement, an air sampling-type smoke detection system may be installed to release the clean agent extinguishing system.