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Our Services

Energy Management and Audit

Like most planning exercises, once you get the process in place you can work to improve it each year.  The hard part is getting started.  Saccal Enterprises SAL will help to kick start your Strategic Energy Management Planning by benchmarking your current performance, assessing and prioritizing opportunities for savings, creating the measurement and verification process to track your results and assisting with motivational and incentive programs that will engage the entire company in your efforts.

Through energy audits, occupant surveys and other tools, we establish a baseline performance and then provide guidance on specific measures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption and cost.  Understanding your usage and expense and then setting targets and goals is a key to making your planning process one that is actionable.   Saccal Enterprises SAL  will then help you to prioritize energy efficiency measures so that implementation will result in the best results as early as possible.  


Saccal Enterprises SAL provides full portfolio energy analysis to help clients understand energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for a single building or a large portfolio of buildings. Services including benchmarking past performance, analyzing current performance, assistance in setting performance criteria, and developing and prioritizing energy efficiency plans to meet those criteria.  We will make recommendations for energy conservation measures and work with you to prioritize those measures to result in the best energy use and cost savings within your budget.  Saccal Enterprises SAL can oversee the implementation of the energy conservation measures and provide performance updates as required.  


Saccal Enterprises SAL provides Third Party Measurement and Verification Services for owners who make energy efficiency upgrades using energy service performance contract vehicles.  Performance contractors are required to demonstrate energy saving with pre installation and post installation testing of measures.  Saccal Enterprises SAL conducts site visits, witnesses, records and reports measurements for pre and post installation activities.