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Our Services

Ongoing Commissioning

Saccal Enterprises SAL’s Ongoing Commissioning Service focuses on continuous building and operational improvement, through performance verification and optimization.

Ongoing commissioning is a valuable tool that aligns with Saccal Enterprises SAL’s crucial goal of maintaining a high-level of quality control, providing outcomes of increased energy savings and building reliability.

Some of the challenges buildings face include degradation leading to eventual equipment failure, sensors drifting out of calibration, and inevitable changes in environmental conditions. Through ongoing commissioning – continual verification, validation, adjustment, and re-baselining of equipment and sensors minimizes energy usage and maximizes equipment life and reliability.

Adapting to Building Use Changes: Activities occurring within a facility often change and adapt to meet owner’s needs and goals. New layouts, processes, and equipment impact overall current facility requirements regarding system design as well as operations and maintenance. Saccal Enterprises SAL's engineers work closely with experienced facility engineers to adapt the facility to meet spatial requirements and develop an ongoing commissioning process tailored to your facility.

Our ongoing commissioning plans include specific details on control points to verify and monitor, frequency of monitoring, acceptance and failure criteria, and detailed response for when any step of the testing fails. Facilities with a well-developed ongoing commissioning plan and process can maximize their profit potential while remaining functional and reliable.