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Our Services

Technology Consulting

Saccal Enterprises SAL’s Technology Consulting Practice supports the critical components of technology infrastructure required for successful daily business operations. Independent of outside vendor alliances, we assess all current and emerging technology options and their associated impacts on client operations, identifying critical points of data creation and access. Empowered by this data, we develop comprehensive and needs-based solutions that advance our client’s ability to leverage technology, optimize information, maximize efficiencies, and conserve resources.

Our Consulting Team provides assessments of current infrastructure to ensure operational productivity can be utilized to the maximum extent – providing guidelines on how to increase system performance and reliability facility-wide.

Saccal Enterprises SAL’s robust suite of technology consulting services include:

- Current network and infrastructure assessments identifying capacity constraints, faulty components, system configuration limitations, and other issues contributing to poor network performance and reliability.

- Collaborative visioning sessions allowing facilitators and end users to contribute concerns and expectations enabling organizational growth and progress.

- Evaluation of emerging technologies and designs.

- Cost estimating and analysis for all proposed systems and solutions.

- Wireless and cellular network signal planning and surveying, documenting both coverage and strength.

- Master planning for future technology migration and infrastructure upgrades, concept designs, and budget reports.